Satanic Images Flood Facebook Page Connected to Alleged France Killer

Teenage Kylian Barbey allegedly walked into a Grasse, France, school yesterday with a rifle, two handguns and two hand grenades. By the time he was finished, at least eight were injured.

“It was total panic,” Achraf, a student in the school, said. “The gunshots were at 4 to 5 meters from where we were. We thought the gunman was coming toward us. We heard him shouting.”

Reports indicate Barbey changed his Facebook profile name to “Killian” and researched school massacres before he opened fire at the Alexis de Tocqueville high school.

The Facebook page, which was still active at the time of reporting, is filled with images glorifying Satan, including a photo of Baphomet. The image is typically associated with the occult.

The account also has pictures of satanic sacrifice rituals, beheadings, Joker from the Batman series, pentagrams and the Columbine High School shooters.

The Mirror describes Barbey as a “lonely satanist” who was obsessed with heavy metal.

“As soon as I learned what had just happened, I called my former colleagues,” a witness said, according to a translation. “… The shooter is a student who is dressed in black and who is adept at Satanism. He is a fan of heavy metal, in particular. He is known to be rather lonely. According to my former high school colleagues, the teenager has lost it, it seems for some reason as yet unknown.”


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