Rabbi asserts that coronavirus vaccines can ‘turn’ people into homosexuals


Rabbi Daniel Asor also claims that both the virus and the vaccines are the work of a “global malicious government” trying to “establish a new world order.”

An influential rabbi in the ultra-Orthodox sect has instructed his followers not to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, warning that it “can make them gay,” according to Israel Hayom.


His recent rant goes directly against the instructions of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, and Rabbi Shalom Cohen, three of the most senior rabbis in the ultra-Orthodox world, who have each recommended that those who are able to receive the coronavirus vaccines should do so.

Without providing evidence, Asor asserts that “criminal organizations” such as the World Health Organization and vaccine developers such as Pfizer and Moderna presented false data to the aforementioned haredi leaders in order to receive their recommendation. He also claims there is a secret American-Israeli “army” ran out of the US and Israeli emergency authorities that has been furthering the motives of the “global government” during the pandemic.

Israel Hayom reached out to LGBTQ advocacy group Havruta for a statement on the rabbi’s comments, who said it’s “currently gearing up to welcome our impending new members.”

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Zachary Keyser and Jeremy Sharon contributed to this report.


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