Billy Graham Reveals Two Ways to Overcome Sin of People-Pleasing

Billy Graham Says, “Turn To Jesus”

In today’s culture of self-absorption and self-promotion, it can be dangerously easy to find one’s identity in the approval of others. However, as Christians, we are called to find our identity in Christ alone.
In a Q&A published Saturday by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, renowned evangelist Billy Graham shared how people-pleasers can overcome their concern with gaining the approval of others.

“Most of us like to be liked,” the 98-year-old evangelist acknowledged. “And sadly, we may even do things we know are wrong (like lying about ourselves or doing things we know aren’t right) in order to get someone to like us.”

However, such “friendships” are seldom lasting, Graham contended, pointing to Proverbs 19:22, which reads, “What a person desires is unfailing love; better to be poor than a liar.”

To break away from this, one must first realize what their motives actually are, said Graham: “All too often we do things like this without even thinking -but this only makes them worse,” he advised. “Instead, face your apparent hunger to be liked by everyone, and realize how harmful it can be.”

The most important step a people-pleaser can take to overcome their dangerous inclinations is to turn to Jesus, the evangelist said.


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